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William O'Neal believes that employees at all levels of any organization should be empowered to think like leaders.  Greatness@Work is a training session that is designed to inspire your staff members to focus on five essential leadership principles in their daily work and life: 

Essential #1: Focus on Customer Service - Participants will learn the importance of connecting with your organizational mission and providing excellence in customer service to everyone associated with your business.  Participants will be empowered to create a great service environment for both internal and external customers.  

Essential #2: Focus on Organizational Vision - Participants will learn key action steps required to help advance your organizations'  vision by setting and achieving SMART goals.

Essential #3: Focus on Competence Development - Participants will learn  strategies to develop the knowledge, skill, and ability that they need to be high performers in their role within your organization. Participants will be inspired to commit to a life of continuous learning.

Essential #4: Focus on Communication Effectiveness - Participant will learn to skillfully interact with others within the work environment in a way that generates positive results.    

Essential #5: Focus on Company Values - Participants will learn the importance of making daily work related decisions based on your company values.

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